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Our mission at Clean Plate Nutrition is to give you meals containing the best quality locally sourced ingredients to help you reach your fitness goals while aiding in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. We are committed to providing you with both outstanding quality and service.


Our vision is to provide you with the best nutrition available through easy convenient meal choices that fit every lifestyle.

Our Values

  • Food prep without the hassle.
  • We calculate meals for you based on your goals.
  • We are personally vested into your success.
  • We offer an exceptional value.
  • Sense of community for our clients: we live here too!
  • Clean Plate Nutrition is not a diet - it's a lifestyle.
  • Access Nutritional coaching through our website & newsletter.
  • Hardest part of healthy journey is food choice: we do it for you!
  • We offer a large variety of meals to choose from.
  • You are part of our family - a relationship that can last for life!
  • Our approach to nurtitional eating is not a "quick fix;" it's truly a lifestyle.

Macro University

The word Macros is short for macronutrients, a term used to describe the three key food groups we all require for our bodies to function: Simply defined carbohydrates are the body's chief source of energy, proteins are the building blocks of muscle and fats are a backup source of energy and also help with vitamin absorption.

Why eat according to Macro’s

First, understanding the word “macros” is short for macronutrients. Macronutrients are needed by the body in larger amounts for our body to grow and function properly (micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are needed in smaller amounts).

Three major macros that we receive from food are fat, protein and carbohydrates. Two other large macros are water and oxygen which of course we cannot survive without.

Most people pay attention to counting calories although the sad mistake is many aren’t paying attention to how nutrient dense their food is, they only focus on if calorie amounts fit within their daily calorie allowance.

300 Calories of Vegetables doesn’t equal 300 calories of sweets!

Eat purposefully! You can either put your calories to work for your benefit or you can store them as fat.

Whatever your fitness goals are your macro mix should change to meet those needs. An example would be someone seeking to achieve weight loss. They should have a lower ratio of carbohydrates and higher protein in their diet. It’s just not enough to base your macro equation on weight, height and age. If this were the case you would end up eating the same things.

We don’t believe that someone focused on building muscle and someone focused on losing weight should have the same diet. Therefore, it’s imperative to focus on the macro mix that fits your goals.

Below are macro recommendations based on your current fitness goals.

With our meal plans we offer you a balance of macros to help you obtain your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to Gain, Maintain or Lean, we have a meal plan for you! And the best part…we do all the cooking! Enjoy.

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